Conversion Tracking | WildFig Data

How can we anticipate the prospect journey to optimize the process for conversion?


The challenge

Consumer journeys are increasingly non-linear in nature and varied based on any number of contributing factors. In the post COVID environment this is increasingly true given the acceleration of digital tools to reach and connect with prospects. Understanding how prospects navigate the sales process in senior living provides valuable insights into how future prospects will do the same and how best to align communications to match this journey.

The WildFig solution

Our team developed a series of statistical models to quantify and categorize prospects based on historical data to:

  • Align future sales strategies to prospects with an emphasis on the next recommended best course of action
  • Categorize prospects after initial activity for benchmarking and monitoring
  • Identify opportunities to shorten the sales cycle through more tailored communications
  • Coach and train sales team members to take a more data-driven approach to prospect engagement
  • Establish benchmarks from which changes in paths (longer to shorter) can be quantified to indicate the benefits of a data driven approach