Pattern Based Analysis | WildFig Data

Predictive analytics and
evaluating engagement patterns
with wellness programming


The challenge

Organizations in the healthcare and aging services industry are always looking for ways to improve and optimize programs focused on resident and patient engagement. Research suggests that engagement and positive outcomes are directly correlated. Across that continuum there are some gaps that, if filled, present an opportunity for insights to improve engagement and ultimately outcomes.

The WildFig solution

We see opportunities in challenges like this, opportunities for progressive analysis techniques and the integration of new technology. To this end, we developed a mobile application to track data from populations in both the healthcare and aging services categories to fill in critical gaps and create new data streams to analyze. We’ve also integrated emerging technologies in the form of wearables to learn more about gait patterns and contact statistics within specific environments. When combined with other first-party data, we’ve been able to:

  • Identify environmental changes that need to be made within communities
  • Changes in gait patterns that have an impact on future senior fall risk
  • Identify residents and patients that lack in programming engagement
  • Provide insights to leadership to inform future programming modifications and mitigation strategies for better outcomes