Predictive Analytics | WildFig Data

What do the next generation
of retirees expect from
aging services and retirement living?


The challenge

The expectations and needs of consumers is a shifting baseline for all organizations. What’s expected today won’t be desired tomorrow. Nowhere is this more true than in retirement living. When combined with the significant costs associated with repositioning a campus or expansion, the cost for the wrong decision is amplified significantly. Factor in specific market dynamics like competition, demography, and psychographics; and the model for decision-making becomes increasingly complex.

The WildFig solution

Through a blend of primary research and open source data, our team delivered an analysis and proposed financial model for community expansion that was not only evidence-based but statistically significant. Of particular interest was the identification of a new market that was previously underserved in the marketplace, broadening the impact on the aging population in the region. The analysis and findings were the cornerstone of broader strategic planning efforts for the community.