Cost Benefit Analysis | WildFig Data

Develop a cost-benefit
analysis to project
the financial impact


The challenge

A multi-billion dollar financial institution had no quantitative framework in place to evaluate the downstream financial impact of product-related decisions. All financial institutions are faced with the challenge of keeping pace with consumer interests and technological demands. This doesn’t come without significant cost and investment. In this particular situation, the question was should there be investment in tools that facilitate person-to-person cash transfers. Would the new product or service be utilized, helping to attract or retain existing customers?

The WildFig solution

The answer to all of these questions resides in the way existing customers behave. Their adoption of similar products and tools is an indication of future receptivity, engagement and interest. Our team analyzed historical usage and behavioral patterns around similar existing products and global adoption rates. The outcome of our analysis indicated preferences within specific customer segments and potential adoption rates that indicated the product was not only desirable but required for the brand to stay competitive.